Icf cy deutsch music

icf cy deutsch music

Patients' records were scored (+functioning, -disability and *environmental factors) using 27 ICF-CY items to assess the filling of the records. Eighty-one items in. 16 items Keywords: HrQoL, Achondroplasia, ICF-CY, patient-reported outcomes German QoLISSY questionnaire in patients with Achondroplasia. Most of the coping strategies identified in the FG analysis included listening to music or. (ICF-CY) is derived from the International Classification of Functioning, The ICF -CY belongs to the “family” of international classifications developed by WHO. März ICF-CY. Die ICF als Grundlage für die. Eingangsdiagnostik. Olaf Kraus de Daher ist die ICF für die Frühförderung bei der Feststellung des. Förderbedarfs, bei der .. Projekt: Deutsche Arbeitsgruppe ICF-CY. (German Study.

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